Students on campusGettysburg is committed to diversity in the fullest sense of that term-promoting a wide range of ideas and working to foster mutual respect among people of every race, ethnicity, economic class, religious preference, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, and age.

Understanding difference goes to the heart of a liberal arts education. We believe strongly that meaningful interaction with others from different backgrounds and who have different ways of looking at the world is one of the best ways to build understanding and to prepare you for the diverse world into which you will graduate.

The following are among the many resources and programs that support a diverse campus at Gettysburg:

Black Student Union: Celebrates the ethnic heritage of African, African-American, and Caribbean culture and the contributions of black men and women

Diaspora House: A Theme House that promotes awareness of people of African descent

Hillel: Supports and enriches Jewish life on campus, through Shabbat dinners, celebrations of Jewish holidays, and other activities

International Night in the CUB BallroomInternational Club: Promotes the exchange of perspectives between international and American members of the College community

Intercultural Resource Center: ­Sponsors educational and cultural outreach programs and celebrations, and serves as the campus "home" for intercultural matters

Muslim Student Association: ­ Fosters unity among Muslims on campus and raises awareness of the principles of Islam

Office of Intercultural Advancement: ­ Academic and personal counseling tutoring, mentoring, and other services

Office of International Student Advising: ­ Providing programs and service to Gettysburg's international students

Allies: ­ Raises campus awareness of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity

Women's Center:­ Promotes understanding of women's issues and works to create a safe, supportive climate for women