Fencing Club

Type: Sports,Special Interest

About Us
The mission of the Gettysburg College Fencing Club is to teach and engage in the sport of fencing. We are a co-ed club that welcome members of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced. We do not have any tryouts. We provide all necessary equipment although members are free to use their own. We practice foil, epee, and sabre and have optional opportunities to learn historical fencing. All members are not required to compete if they do not want to, but competition opportunities are available and participation is highly encouraged. The club practices every Thursday 7-9PM and Sundays 1-3PM. Come try us out!

Contact Us
Kenny Anderson (andeke05@gettysburg.edu)

Vice President:
Tina J. Cochran (cochch02@gettysburg.edu)

Johnny Santacruz (santjo04@gettysburg.edu)

Darcy M. Merrill (merrda02@gettysburg.edu)

Events Coordinator:
Ryan McCabe (mccary02@gettysburg.edu)


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Brett Rogers, brogers@gettysburg.edu