Gettysburg Gospel Choir

Type: Arts and Music

The Gettysburg Gospel Choir aspires to provide a diverse performing ensemble at Gettysburg College. Our mission statement centers on the beliefs of liberal arts and effective communication. We believe that the liberal arts experience is incomplete without some kind of music involved. The musical genres we sing are gospel, spirituals, hymns, and other Christian based musical styles. Although our styles are Christian based, we welcome all religions and beliefs in the group. With our effective communication goal, we strive to communicate both diversity and inspirational themes in the music we sing to the masses of Gettysburg College. All students and faculty members are encouraged to join the group because it is the only performance group on campus created for the purposes of communicating diversity and upholding the liberal arts traditions of Gettysburg College. We urge you to become part of GGC!

Margaret Johnson, President
Paul Austerlitz, Advisor