Fostering Change Organization

Type: Service Organizations

By being citizens of this global community, which is constantly changing, we all have the power, as individuals, to shape and mold the future and the world as we see fit. As a group we strive to positively "shape a changing world." In order to achieve our goal, we work to raise awareness of current issues in the community. We strive to be positive influences for our peers by initiating change and promoting community involvement. We also work to encourage social activism and responsibility as global citizens. For the organization's current mission, we will focus on the foster care system. We will work to bring the issues, which are present within this system, to the attention of the community. We will connect with those in foster care today so as to transform their tomorrow. We will strive to build partnerships with organizations, whose missions are similar to ours, which is to help those in the system and those who have been in the system. We will be advocates for change and progress in the foster care system. As F.C.O grows and evolves we will expand our influence to other issues that may arise. As different issues arise we will dedicate our time and energy to the causes that we feel do not receive enough recognition or support from the community. And at all times F.C.O. will continue to keep others informed and encourage community involvement in other good causes.

Loan Nguyen, President
Pete Curry, Advisor