Smart Woman Securities

Type: Academic,Social

- Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a not-for-profit organization focused on investment education for undergraduate women.  Through instructive seminars, mentoring initiatives, and meetings with successful investors such as Warren Buffett, SWS provides resources upon which women can build greater knowledge of the financial markets.
- Gettysburg College is the first small liberal arts college to join the ranks of current SWS chapters, which include: Boston College, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Fordham, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, NYU, Princeton, U of Chicago, UVA, and Yale.
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Founding Team: Katie Burke '13, Kelley Furman '13, Katy Compton '14, Katie Taylor '13, and Sam Gailey '15

President: Jackie Beckwith

Faculty Advisor: Karen Frey, Management Department