Painted Turtle Farm

Type: Service Organizations,Social,Special Interest

The Painted Turtle Farm is a student-run organic garden now in its sixth year at Gettysburg College. It was named after a small friend found at the future site of the garden in 2005 after a heavy rainstorm. Student volunteers are involved in all aspects of small scale organic agriculture and manage projects year-round, from planning, planting, growing, and harvesting a variety of fruits and vegetables, to improving soil integrity and biodiversity in the ecosystem, to reaching out and educating the student body and local community about the importance of local and sensible agriculture. We welcome students from all backgrounds and experience levels to come join us and learn about organic food production. The Painted Turtle Farm also offers three student internships each summer and we're always looking for more students to get involved!

Vishal Bajpai, President
Randall Wilson (, Advisor

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