Alumni who earned research doctorates

During 1966-2011, 1016 Gettysburg College alumni earned research doctorates, ranking Gettysburg 51st among 662 Baccalaureate Colleges.


Total # of alumni
who earned

1966-1975      254         40th
1976-1985      271         33rd
1986-1995      168         67th
1996-2005      188         65th
  2006       14         92nd
  2007       26         48th
  2008       26         49th
  2009       23         60th
  2010       25         48th
  2011       21         67th

 Grand Total: 1966-2011



Note: Since 1966, the National Science Foundation has been providing data collected through the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), which is an annual census of all new recipients of research doctorates (Ph.D., Ed.D. DMA, etc.) at U. S. doctorate-granting colleges and universities.  Recipients of professional degrees (Medical, Veterinary, Dental, Law) are not included. The above Table presents the total number of Gettysburg graduates who earned research doctorates during given periods.

Overall, Gettysburg ranks 51st among 662 Baccalaureate Colleges (both public & private; both liberal arts & sciences and diverse fields--based on the 2010 edition of the Carnegie Classification).