Giving to Gettysburg

  • William Lamb '08

    "I use what I learned at Gettysburg every day. Being able to communicate effectively, write well, and approach every situation with a sharp analytical eye are all skills I gained through Gettysburg's liberal arts education." Learn more about William Lamb.

  • Doris and Doug 


    More than 60 years ago, Doris Stetler Cooney ’49 found Gettysburg. “It fit me," Doris remembers. At Gettysburg, Doris met the the late Doug Cooney '49, and a second and third generation of Cooneys have also found that Gettysburg fit them. Learn more about the Cooneys.

  • Kelly Alsedek '71

    Kelly Alsedek '71 started giving to the Gettysburg Fund and other special funds as soon as she graduated. At first, she would write a check. Recently she found the benefits of donating stock. Learn more about Kelly Alsedek.

  • Patricia Henry '71

    "It is imperative that we understand and appreciate the ongoing needs of Gettysburg College, that tuition does not cover the total costs for a student's education, and that alumni and friends are critical to the financial future of the College." Learn more about Patricia Henry.

  • Keith '66 and Marie Woodman

    Keith Woodman '66: "I often think about how different my life would have been had I not been able to receive the aid that I did." Learn more about Keith '66 and Marie Woodman.

  • Lauren Craley '08

    "There are a finite number of people who call Gettysburg alma mater— and the College relies on them for philanthropic support. I have and always will make it a priority to give back to Gettysburg." Learn more about Lauren Craley.

  • Carolyn Byron '62

    “Gettysburg opened doors for me through my education and through the alumni I met after graduating, I give back so that future generations will benefit.” Learn more about Carolyn Byron.

  • Stewart Petrovits '91

    "My wife and I chose to create a Gettysburg Fund Scholarship based on our belief in the absolutely positive experience we knew a student at Gettysburg would have." Learn more about Stewart Petrovits.

  • Bill and Linda Matz '61

    "Gettysburg College has had and continues to have a profoundly positive influence on my life and over the years, I have tried to repay this debt of gratitude." Learn more about Bill and Linda Matz.

  • Katie Afflebach ’15

    As the recipient of the Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Smith Gettysburg Fund Scholarship, Katie Afflebach ’15 has experienced firsthand the generosity of those who give back. Learn more about Katie.

  • Ross Nichols '13

    "My scholarship offered the opportunity to experience a culture completely different from my own and become a more aware and appreciative global citizen.” Learn more about Ross Nichols '13.

  • Judy Vandever '62

    "Jack looked upon his Gettysburg College education as part of the foundation of the good life that followed, and I think he looked at his annual gift as a payback of sorts." Learn more about Judy Vandever '62.

  • Luke Cuculis '12

    "It is the generosity of supporters of Gettysburg College that has afforded me the incredible opportunity to be a Gettysburg College student." Learn more about Luke Cuculis '12.

  • Brian Kelly '10

    "How do you get someone to feel vested enough in an issue to make a change?" Brian answered this question with a film that earned an award previously won by Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg, and Ken Burns. Learn more about Brian Kelly '10.

  • Adam Ortiz

    "I've been a work-study employee and a student leader. I studied European politics during a semester in Greece, and I met and shadowed alumni on different career paths. I've had the best possible Gettysburg experience." Learn more about Adam Ortiz '10.

  • Jack Bostrom '11

    "The Gettysburg experience is having terrific professors, facilities, and friends. Donations to the Gettysburg Fund helped give me the aid I needed to come to Gettysburg College." Learn more about Jack Bostrom '11.

  • The Comegno Family

    "Gettysburg made us mindful of our responsibilities to serve all of the communities in our lives." Learn more about the Comegno's.

  • Laura McIntyre

    "Being a student athlete at Gettysburg is something that is really special. You not only represent yourself. . . you represent your teammates and coaches, as well as all of those who support the programs you are involved with." Learn more about Laura McIntyre '11.

  • Caitlin Hoy

    "As one of five kids from a single-income family, the College’s financial support allowed me to attend Gettysburg. The final decision for choosing a college was based on financial aid." Learn more about Caitlin Hoy '11.

  • Prof. Fee and students

    "We spent over a month in class being introduced through literature to the realities behind homelessness. . . and yet those realities didn't truly sink in - for me, at least - until we were in D.C." Learn more about Professor Fee's First-Year Seminar on Homelessness.

  • Smith Herman family

    "Allen chaperoned dances, and I was on parent committees when our children were in high school. Now, we support the opportunities that the College offers Robia and Nick through participation in the Gettysburg Fund." Learn more about the Smith-Herman family.

  • Devon Grote

    "Through the Center for Public Service I developed strong relationships
    with people in the community. The Center encourages us . . . to deeply
    examine the ‘how' and ‘why' in each situation." Learn more about Devan Grote '11.

  • Sherman and Carol Hendrix

    "[We] both received very fine educations here,
    without which we would have not gone in the professional directions we did." Learn more about Sherman '61 and Carol '63/'80 Hendrix.

  • Fred & Martha Mahan

    The Mahans generously established funds using contributions directly from their IRAs. Learn more about Fred '52 and Martha Mahan.

Just as our students have the responsibility to make good use of their education, we have an obligation to give them the best possible preparation—to set them on the path to doing great work with the finest education, the necessary confidence and conviction, and the least debt possible.

Financial support is essential to providing a Gettysburg College education for the students of today and tomorrow.