Gettysburg offers a wide variety of courses for students interested in learning about law and related fields. In addition to specific law courses, there are courses related to the law offered throughout the curriculum, in fields such as Africana Studies; Anthropology; Environmental Studies; History; Peace and Justice Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The range of law-related courses is broad, covering everything from law in American government to antebellum law, the Civil Rights Movement, Law in Film, and the philosophy of law.

Although Gettysburg does not offer a specific prelaw curriculum, the breadth of law-related courses, combined with opportunities for study abroad and internships or externships linked to law have inspired many students to develop Individual Majors that explore law in a broader historical, philosophical, scientific, sociological, or other context. Some examples are listed below. The interdisciplinary focus and integrative thinking of such majors builds skills that will serve students well in law school or in other professions they wish to pursue.

Students planning to apply to law school, or interested in prelaw advising, or considering creating a law-related Independent Major should contact the prelaw advisor, Thomas F. Jurney at

Some Recent Law-Related Individual Majors

  • Crime and Redemption
  • The Criminal Mind
  • Law, Ethics, and Society
  • The Law in Literature
  • Migrant Workers and the Law
  • Police Psychology