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Student Research

High-tech microscope boosts research at Gettysburg College

Matt KittelbergerMembers of the Gettysburg College faculty recognize that technology has jumped by leaps and bounds over the last twenty years. To enable their colleagues and students to utilize top-notch technology for research and teaching on campus, they worked to acquire a new microscope. Read more

Student-Faculty Collaboration

Bio in the Bahamas

Students study marine ecosystems in summer research

Bio in the Bahamas

Sandy beaches, crystal waters, snorkeling. It sounds like a vacation until you add in seventy-plus hours of field experience, nightly lab discussions, research group projects, and then writing and presenting the findings – all in less than two weeks’ time.

This summer 14 students had the opportunity to participate in a field experience lab in the Bahamas to wind up their spring semester class Tropical Marine Biology. The course was created six years ago by Gettysburg College Biology Prof. Istvan Urcuyo and is offered every other spring.

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