Table of Contents

Academic Policies


Alcohol and Drug Required Leave

Academic level

Academic Standing

Accommodation of Physical and Learning Disabilities

Deans List

Exemption from Degree Requirements

Grading System

Graduation, Honors, and Commencement

Honor Societies

Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Suspension, and Readmission

Off-Campus Studies


Class Attendance General Policies and Policies for Athletics & Other Extracurricular Activities

Residence Requirements And Schedule Limitations

Special Interest and Dual Degree Programs


Transfer Credit

Students Rights & Responsibilities

A community for education provides opportunity to learn. The student, in order to make best use of that opportunity, must be free to learn. The effectiveness of the opportunity depends upon each faculty member's freedom to teach. The various agencies of the College Administration attempt to provide the instruments and the conditions, which make the opportunity possible.

In order that Gettysburg College, as a community for education, may be of greatest utility in providing the opportunity to learn, both in the formal student-teacher relationship and in less formal contexts, each of its constituent groups must have certain rights and, equally important, must exercise certain responsibilities.

The purpose of the statement, which follows, is to provide guidelines for the insurance of the rights of Gettysburg College students and for the exercise of their responsibilities as members of this community for education. Other documents deal with the rights and responsibilities of other constituencies of the College.

Academic Rights and Responsibilities - Freedom of Access

Academic Freedom

Student Records

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Governance Rights and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct

Article I - Definitions

Article II – Student Code Authority

Article III – Proscribed Conduct

Article IV – Student Conduct Code Procedures for Individual Students

Article V - Student Conduct Code Procedures and Sanctions for Student Groups/Organizations

Article VI – Interpretation and Revision


Alcohol and Drug Policy Points System

Other Policies

Animals on Campus and in Buildings

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Anti-Hazing Policy

Bias Related Conduct

Campus Solicitation & Sales Policy

Computer Network Use Policy

Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships

Drug Policy

Gettysburg College Official Email Address Policy

Harassment Policy

Information Management Policy

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment and Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors

Smoking Policy

Social Event Policy

Vendor Sales