The gPrints station located at the CUB desk produces copies in black and white or color, faxes and prints photos for all students, staff and faculty. gPrints only accepts vending dollars on a Gettysburg College ID or department charge. For more information and instructions, please see below.


Finally, an on campus color printer where you can easily print out reports, images, and graphics to enhance your assignments, spice up your dorm room, or just to stop using all of the ink from your roommates color printer. Fast, affordable, and convenient allowing you to print documents from your own pc or laptop.


Same low fee as the library, with no wait. Copy your fliers, class notes, or the night before's reading while grabbing a bite at the Bullet Hole. The convenience of a copier being where you are when you need it has been a long time coming. Now, it's here.


Send those deadline sensitive documents where they need to go while checking your mail. The convenience of a mini-print center where you need it when you need it is why we created gPrints.