Alumni Mentor Retreat

The Alumni Mentor Retreat is an annual leadership experience for seniors who are interested in learning from alumni how to apply their knowledge and skills after graduation.

Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate is a one year self-developmental process that helps you to connect your co-curricular experiences and reflect upon them through a leadership lens.

Young Alumni Leadership Program

The Young Alumni Leadership Program is a mentoring experience for individuals interested in developing their leadership ability.

Emerging Leaders Retreat

The Emerging Leaders Retreat is an annual leadership experience designed for first-year students and sophomores who are interested in developing their leadership knowledge and skills.

Student Organization Consulting

The Student Organization Consulting service is a customized program from the GLC. Student groups and organizations on-campus can collaborate with Leadership Mentors to design and facilitate a workshop for their members on the topic of their choice.

Garthwait Leadership Summit

Fellow Gettysburg students and alumni engaged in an afternoon of discussion and dialogue exploring real life examples of leadership in action.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a semester-long, seminar-style leadership experience which explores leadership through social justice issues and culminates with a week-long immersion project at the end of spring semester at an off campus site.