Bob Garthwait Jr. and Leadership Mentors

The Garthwait Leadership Center (GLC), through collaborative partnerships across the institution,  creates intellectual and experiential opportunities for students and alumni to develop leadership skills. Through these experiences, students and alumni identify and reflect on their passions, and learn how to apply leadership skills ethically to make a positive impact.

The Garthwait Leadership Center's name recognizes the alumnus who has endowed the program, Robert Garthwait, Jr. '82, a trustee of the College and CEO of Cly-Del Manufacturing in Waterbury, Connecticut.

As a new department within the College's College Life Division, the GLC will enhance a tradition of leadership at Gettysburg, helping students and alumni recognize their potential as leaders and their responsibility to serve.

The Garthwait Leadership Center Mission

The Garthwait Leadership Center serves as an intellectual and experiential hub for leadership development at Gettysburg College providing students and alumni with knowledge, experiences, and resources to be active leaders in the 21st century.